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Summary of Principles and Definitions

Assumption #1: There is a reality.
Assumption #2: We can know reality.
Assumption#3: Reality is the same throughout the Cosmos.

Principles and Corollaries
Principle#1: Reality (or existence for any universe) requires identity and relationship.
Corollary #1: Reality is composed of energy which represents itself as mass and gravity.
Corollary #2: Gravity is the one and only force necessary to “hold” mass together.
Corollary #3: Gravity is represented by individual connections of gravity called gravions.
Corollary #4: All energy in the real world transfers through gravions.
Corollary #5: The distribution of energy in any real system is represented by the equation E=gmc3
.Corollary #6 No two masses can occupy the same space.

Principle #2: Any coordinate system must define itself faster than the fastest thing which moves within the system.
Corollary #1 Gravions propagate, connect, and disconnect at the speed of gravity.
Corollary #2 The speed of gravity is c2
Principle #3: Reality is infinite.
Corollary #1: All parts of nature cycle.

Definition #1: Energy is defined as the substance of the cosmos.
Definition #2: Mass is defined as that part of the energy of the cosmos which represents identity.
Definition #3: Gravity is defined as that part of the energy of the cosmos which represents relationship.
Definition #4: Gravions are defined as the connections of gravity.
Definition #5: Reality is defined as all mass and the associated connections of gravions and all energy which is stored or moved
within those systems.
Definition #6: Space is defined as the accumulated connections of gravions.
Definition #7: Time is defined as the changing of gravions.
Definition #8: Life is defined as those physical systems which use gravions to store information about reality.
Definition #9: Love is defined as the actions of a sentient being whereby they give more energy than they take, and they make more
connections of gravity than they break.
Definition #10: Spirituality is defined as the actions between sentient beings where all energy transfers are positive and loving.
Definition #11: C equals the speed of light – A cosmic constant.
Definition #12: C2 equals the speed of gravity – A cosmic constant.
Definition #13: God is defined as the progression towards order.
Definition #14: Real events are defined as those events that have connections of gravity and exchanges of energy.
Definition #15: The truth is defined as the real (not the perceived) connections of gravity.
Definition #16: A miracle is defined as those real events where the infinite possibilities overcome the finite probabilities.
Definition #17: A universe is defined as those physical systems which orbit around a common center.
Definition #18: The cosmos is defined as all that exists.

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Harry Braun for President

Humanity has a chance!
Two events are unfolding in human history which have a chance to change this world for the better.  The first, of course, is the hope that the documentary film The Caveman of Atomic City will soon be finished and that it will have a major impact on humanity and the  course of our actions.  The second event is the fact that my friend Harry Braun, who has worked diligently for decades to solve the problems that face humanity, is now running for President of the United States, with a platform that solves problems and doesn't play politics.  He would move us to a renewable hydrogen society and adopt a new constitutional amendment that begins to turn our republic into a true democracy.  Please support a renewable hydrogen economy led by a gravitationally spiritual people and pray for Mr. Braun and the Filmmakers.


Evidence of Martian Origin of the Frass Meteorite
Summary & Begin Evidence Tour
      Core Sample
      K-Ar dating
      Elemental Oxides Analysis
      Boundary Layers
      Same Sand
      Magnetic Dust
   Fusion Crust
      Fusion Crust Model
      Glass Particles
      Heat Experiment
   H2O Experiments
   Creation Model
   Comparison with known Mars rocks
   Comparison with local volcanoes
   Discovery on Frass Ranch
Pictures of Meteorite & End 1st Tour

Evidence of Martian Exobiology
Summary & Begin Life Tour  
     Land Insect
     Segmented Insects
     Flying Insect
     Radial Symmetry Animal
      Glassy Martian Rock Fungus & End Life Tour


Evidence of Incompetence or Cover-up
       University of Arizona
       Lunar and Planetary  Institute1
       Lunar and Planetary  Institute2
       A Critical Review
       Reasons given why Frass Meteorite can't be a meteorite

MER & Mars Express Predictions
May 2003
       1998 Water on Surface

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Morgellons Page updated 7/26/7
I don't have much opportunity to update this site, so please be patient.  I read all e-mails that are sent to me, but please put Morgellons in the subject line so I will know it is not spam.
New Cure for Morgellons?
There is evidence that Morgellons requires an acid pH to live.  What is the pH of your blood?

Soil minerals point to planet-wide ocean on Mars and
 NASA Images Suggest Water Still Flows in Brief Spurts on Mars  now  Look at my predictions years ago!

 Hawking's Answer To The Question Of Human Survival: Er, I don't know
Gravionics should be considered the "answer book" for all of Hawking's questions.

New Model of Colliding Black Holes Shows Gravions!

Was there life on Mars? Shiny rock coating may hold the answer (Yes and it's still there!)

Sweet success for pioneering hydrogen energy project

Pope warned Hawking not to investigate origin of cosmos

The Size Of Our World

Plea to humanity

New Energy Sources and Inventions

'Dark Energy' Might Not Exist Say Scientists 

'Baked Galaxies' Or Half-Baked Theories? has updated their web site.  Gravionics supports their contentions of an electrical universe.





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Consider this a donation to help my work.  As of this date, I've never sold a single item through my web site.  If you care about my work on gravionics, cosmology, spirituality, or Morgellons, then please help.  I think the book will be a spiritual benefit to any human being that reads it.  Anyone that considers themselves a scientist must read this to become more aware of your assumptions in science.



Religions exist only within the mind of  man, while spirituality exists within every gravitational bond that is made or broken between sentient beings.

My Challenge to
I propose that the Gravionic Model of Spiritual and Physical Systems is the first scientific model that unities physics and spirituality under the same model, is the first model to explain an infinite cosmos, is the only scientific model where love has a definition, and being a unified view of the cosmos, allows all religions and persons of other beliefs to examine their own life to see if your works are spiritual; a "quantum" leap of awareness of nature and how she works. If there is one person among you who actually wants to get closer to truth (defined within gravionics), then accept my challenge, learn gravionics, and let's discuss the worlds most difficult problems and solutions, precious concepts and ideas. And then, once gravionics is taught to all, let's change this planet into what it should be, not what it is. My question is: Will you accept my challenge?
your friend,


Letter to Brian Green, host of the new series The Fabric of the Cosmos
(Of course the fabric of the cosmos are gravions, but he doesn't mention that!)
Please download the book below, as it answers all of the questions asked in this new series.

Dear Brian,

I got fired from teaching physics at Los Alamos High School because I told the kids, in my opinion, something from nothing is not a scientific model.  If any other area of science besides cosmology told you that you could make something from nothing, they would be laughed out of the room.  At least the alchemists started with lead while trying to make gold.  You guys would make gold from nothing!  How is that scientific, when other models clearly address this short-coming?

The single big bang model arose from the assumption of a single expanding universe based solely on the redshift.  There are many other explanations for the redshift, but gravions stretch in all directions, even while they are bending, so the red shift is no evidence of a single expanding universe.

Once one understands the basics workings of nature gravitationally, one understands that the single big bang/single expanding universe/finite cosmos model is not only improbable, but impossible.  If there is any limitation on the speed of the gravitational system, then it is impossible for all that we can see to have been involved in any singular anything.  And of course the age of our galaxy is at least a trillion years, which is awfully hard to fit into a 13.7 billion year old expanding universe.  And cosmologist always forget to add the age of distant galaxies to the time the light took to get here making it one of the largest logical fallacies in today's scientific models. 

A universe has been defined as those physical systems that orbit a common center,  making the largest universes super galaxy clusters.  The Milky Way and associated galaxies represent our universe, as all other objects are too far away to have any significant gravitational influence on us, other than sending us light.

I have proposed that big bangs occur when black holes grow too large to hold their energy and they come apart, but not as any kind of explosion.  Simply the mass has lost too much energy to define identity (First principle) and when one puts a zero in the mass, both the equation and the black hole come apart.  Of course we can see evidence of many big bangs in our visible portion of the cosmos where there are large voids with strings around the edges.  I think the evidence shows our Milky Way was orbiting such a structure when it went off, but luckily we were outside the event horizon and our galaxy cluster was sent flying at a tremendous rate.  I believe I'm the only one to propose a mechanism to explain the velocity of our galaxy cluster in relation to the rest of the visible cosmos.

Do you realize you could spend an hour with me and hear more new ideas than you've heard in your entire life?  Is there a nano ounce of curiosity left in the scientific community, or have all  of you been bought and paid for like our politicians?



News of Mars (Sources for the latest news of Mars)

New Scientist
NASA Rover Press Releases
Keith Laney
Enterprise Mission
Coast to Coast
Unknown Country
Meta Research

ABC News
CBS News
Fox News (News at the speed of Lies)






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Tom Van Flandern
 is one of my favorite astronomers of our time.  He has many interesting things to say, including his work on planetary formation models, gravitational sphere of influence, speed of gravity, and of course, his work on the life of Mars.  Please visit for more information.  Tom has now died but he has helped me immensely with his contribution on the speed of gravity. 

  Richard Hoagland
 has done a great deal of work on the intelligent life of Mars.  I can not yet say if Mars has/had intelligent life, but I can prove that Mars has life.  I don't always agree with Richard, but I really admire his energy and belief in his own abilities.

Mars Research
  Gilbert Levin has proposed the Viking life experiments actually DID detect life on Mars.  I have to agree.  Here is a fine web site with lots of reference articles.

This site is against any sample return from Mars, so they have made extra effort to find news stories that support their contention that Mars is alive and dangerous to Earth.  We do not yet know if the danger is real or not.


Asteroids Directory - asteroids related news, books and web resources.

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