Dear "MicroMike",
Are you fucking kidding me?  I was forwarded your "Reflections on Morgellons" by a very dear friend of mine who now believes, thanks to you, that he is suffering from an invasion of some type of extraterrestrial "glassy filament".  Coming from someone claiming to be as educated as you, your entire commentary is delusional and without any basis in fact.  I'd like to suggest that you immediately check yourself in to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation; and hopefully when you are released you will take the opportunity to read the ridiculous bullshit you are spewing to innocent victims who are buying into this nonsense as if it were fact.  You should be ashamed of yourself. You are blatantly pawning off your own delusional assumptions as fact, and allowing people who clearly need psychiatric help to buy in to your mentally diluted bullshit.  You yourself admitted that no reputable scientist will take this matter seriously.  Are you insinuating that this is some type of cover up or do you actually believe that there is a scientist on this planet that would not want to be responsible for the discovery of extraterrestrial life; in any form?  I, on the other hand, am psychologically sound, and would like to tell you that you are an absolute fucking Looney tune!  You should be tied up and thrown in a rubber room for the rest of your natural born life.  Maybe when you die, we will tie you to a meteorite and send your glassy, insect-ridden, mentally fucked ass back to Mars.  I hope you are open-minded enough to post this commentary on your website as I am sure it is a view shared by the majority of people on the planet Earth. 
Someone who cares enough to tell you that you need immediate psychiatric help


micromike's reply:

Dear Brett,
Thanks for you comments.  They are posted as the lead article on my site.  In the future, I wish you would make your comments without using profane language.
I have studied the Frass Meteorite for many years and the conclusions I've drawn are based on that study.  The Morgellons people contacted me when they noticed the fibers in my meteorite were similar to those of Morgellons people.  I have clearly stated that these are my views and I invite all other opinions.
Your friend,