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Cathy McDonald are you still alive?  Please let us know.

This page is made available to post any stories, life experiences, or observations on Morgellons.  Please feel free to submit any postings to micromike47 @  Please put Morgellons in the subject line so I can determine it is not spam.

There is a new Morgellons forum starting up called Morgellons Sanctum. 7/26/7  (home page)  (forum)

Here is a list of Morgellons symptoms.   Compare your symptoms to this list.  Write me if you need to add any.

New Morgellons Cure?  alfalfa 12/21/06

Are you interested in helping make a video about Morgellons?

The main Morgellons web page can be found at:  while other pages are at:
the New Morgellons Order
MORGELLONS ARTICLES by Cliff Mickelson - This probably represents the best overview of Morgellons.
Be sure to register at Oklahoma State University if you have Morgellons
Morgellons-  First Observations From Clifford Carnicom  First microscopic pictures greater than 1000x
Morgellons mystery
Another site is Delusionary Parasitosis Reference
 Morgellons Horror Pictures
Also is covering this problem.
Morgellons wrist-band now available.
 Morgellons-UDS Surveillance Underway In Georgia

Morgellons Update

There has been more attention to Morgellons the last month or two, so I've updated this page.  If you want me to tell your story here, just send me the info.  I will not post your name if you don't want it posted.  Here is an article I wrote some time ago.  I think it is still true to the best of my knowledge, although I hope to ad a section on chem/contrails as a method of distribution.  (I believe these filaments are spread naturally through Martian meteorites and not spread by our government.)

Reflections on Morgellons  My thoughts and experiences with Morgellons and the Frass Meteorite.

Frass2 Meteorite  In the spring of 2004, I was contacted by a gentleman that had seen my web site and recovered meteorite samples that looked very similar to the Frass.  He had been receiving the same reception among the scientific community as I, and after several conversations, he sent me several samples.  I found the samples did appear very similar to the Frass and the samples did contain the filaments.  Click the above link to see pictures of the meteorite and glassies, or select this link to see a few pictures of the particles from the meteorite.  Here is a comparison of the Frass2 and another Martian meteorite.  And finally, here are two letters from my friend Cathy who suffers from Morgellons.  The first has pictures she has taken of her filaments.   I haven't been able to contact her in some time and I pray for her well being.  And finally, here is a picture sent to me of a glassy moving.

Earth Changes Media Brings the World of Science and Ancient Text Together “Live”
Of course the only "new" science is gravionics, which does recognize the knowledge of the ancients.
How to tell Earthlings that Martian life is here
Send them to!

Stories from Morgellons Patients  updated 10/9/6

Veteran Connection to Morgellons  12/8/6

Morgellons and Pets 8/14/6

Morgellons as a parasite on round and flat worms?  10/16/6

Possible Treatments
All treatment scenarios are based on antidotal evidence and should not be considered "known" treatments of a disease that has yet to be studied properly.  Also I'm very concerned that no one is yet evaluating the probable Martian origin of Morgellons.

New Morgellons Cure?  alfalfa 12/21/06
Nature's Miracle  8/11/6
Mint Bath 9/15/6
DermaTechRx  8/20/6
Possible Treatment1  8/11/6

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Senator Clinton Urges Congress To Enact Bill To Help Rising Number Of Veterans With 'Invisible Wounds'  6/29/6
She's close but l may have missed something. Sad that PTSD and
Morgellons are similar in a lot of ways.
PRESS has had no choice (mainstream press) but to report due to
and with 2 tours of duty, much will be learned from this "FIBER" and
bugs that makes it so no one is treated properly but they try without
studying things other than what the government wants them to know.
Jim Johnston

Morgellons Disease: Real or all in peoples' heads?  6/28/6
Delusionary Parasitosis Reference

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Stunning Photographs #1
Stunning Photographs #2
Morgellon's Datafile


great articles 5/27/6
'Fiber Disease' Bizarre Truth Begins To Emerge Part 1
'Fiber Disease' Bizarre Truth Begins To Emerge Part 2

CDC forming Morgellons task force  5/24/6
Morgellons - What We Do
And Don't Know About
The 'Fiber' Disease

Morgellons shows up in South Texas

Border mystery disease: Is huge scare even real?

Is Morgellons Disease Caused
By Chemtrail Spraying?
No, I don't think so, but no one will look at the Frass Meteorite.


Parasites - A Sufferer's Diary


All in the head? - Comment - Times Online Of course the filaments in my meteorite are not in my head since I've been growing them in Petri dishes for several years.  When the evidence from the Frass Meteorite is ignored, human beings suffer.  Not long ago, all geologists believed that rocks didn't fall from the sky.  Mankind's history is full of examples where the "real" scientists were wrong.

Possible Solutions to Morgellons:
What have you or your doctor tried and what has worked or not.

Stories About Morgellons:

5/12/4  Morgellons Update

----- Original Message -----
From: "The Morgellons Research Foundation" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 10:24 PM
Subject: Morgellons Media Update

> The Morgellons Research Foundation is pleased to announce that the KTVU
> 2 San Francisco/Oakland segment is now available for viewing.  Please
> on the link below and follow the instructions for viewing.  This is the
> second in depth report from KTVU.  We sincerely appreciate their
> broadcast journalism.
> Kenneth Cowles
> Producer/Production
> Coordinator/Media Relations
> in association with:
> The Morgellons Research Foundation
> Click here: Video On Demand: Segment 2: Mysterious Parasite Strikes Local
> Residents - KTVU
> _____________________ALSO_________________________
> Based upon the success for the Frank Mullen piece in the Reno Gazette
> Journal, George Noory of Coast to Coast (710am radio) will discuss this
> article and related information tonight, May 11, 2004.
> If someone could record off air, I would appreciate it.  We need this for
> the Morgellons Research Foundation Archives.
> Send to the address listed below
> Kenneth Cowles
> Producer/Production
> Coordinator/Media Relations
> PO Box 259
> Liberty Corner, NJ  07938
> Hot Stories for Tues., May 11, 2004
> Climate Change Out of the Blue
> Contrails may play a part in warmer U.S. temperatures. --Wired News
> Maya culture 'ahead of its time'
> Exploration of ancient site has caused archaeologists to question the
> established chronology of the Mayans. --BBC News
> Medical Mystery: Delusional Parasitosis
> Patients claim fibers sprout from lesions and parasites crawl under their
> skin.
> --Reno Gazette-Journal

and also,

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 9:13 PM
Subject: Morgellons Media Alert

NATIONAL MEDIA ALERTS - "MYSTERY DISEASE" - Morgellons Research Foundation
The following National Media Alerts are presented to give further awareness of the "The Mystery Disease."  This media coverage has been arranged and implemented by the Morgellons Research Foundation.
Sunday, May 9, 2004 - Frank Mullen, Jr., Investigative Reporter
Reno, Nevada
(this story will also be presented to The Associated Press (nationally) and USA Today - Details to come)
"I was very wary of the Morgellons Disease story because physicians assured me these folks were delusional and said it's counter-productive, even dangerous, to reinforce their delusions.  I didn't want to do harm, and the Morgellons patients are already suffering so much.  But, I met and talked to patient after patient with the same verifiable symptoms.  And I interviewed doctor after doctor, all of whom had the same pat answers about patients (and evidence) they had not seen.  After two months, too many things didn't add up - and that always means the story is worth printing."  -- Frank Mullen, Jr., Investigative Reporter
TO READ THE STORY ON SUNDAY, May  9, 2004  go to:  page 1
TO READ THE STORY ON MONDAY, May 10, 2003 until further notice go to:  click on link titled "Mystery Disease" 
Tuesday, May 11, 2004  10:00pm EDT - Sean MacGarvey, Special Projects Producer
Washington DC
FOX 5 DC Ten O'Clock News
This segment will be very similar to the KTVU Fox Oakland/San Francisco story with emphasis on the greater Washington, DC area.
There will not be access to the story via their web-site.  To order a video cassette of the "Mystery Disease" segment telephone:  202.244.5151
(this story/segment will be broadcast nationally on the Fox News Spotlight feeds to other Fox stations across the country)
Additional national and regional television news coverage is currently in production at the following television stations and markets.  As dates, times and other information becomes available we will notify you.  Details to come.
The television stations are:
KBCI TV 2 CBS, Boise, Idaho --proposed broadcast, May 18, 2004
KAPP TV ABC, Yakima, Washington - proposed broadcast, May 25 and possibly May 26 (this could be a two part story)
KTVU TV Fox, Oakland/San Francisco - proposed broadcast mid-May.  (THIS WILL BE THE SECOND FULL REPORT FROM KTVU)
As changes and additions to our media awareness campaign continues across the United States (and abroad) we will keep you informed of any developments.
We strongly encourage our Morgellons Research Foundation Registrants to come forward to put a "face" to this media coverage as we come to your individual areas.
We gratefully acknowledge and congratulate all those who have come forward to assist in our media coverage.  These couragous individuals are assisting others in ways that they may never realize.  These individuals are reaching millions of others by coming forward and sharing their lives and experiences with "The Mystery Disease."

Thank you.
Kenneth Cowles
Coordinator/Media Relations
on behalf of:
The Morgellons Research Foundation

3/25/4   Morgellons and Acidic Environments

Dear Cathy,
I watched the NASA news conference yesterday, although it occurred on Tuesday.  There was one new piece of information that might affect you and the other Morgellons people.  One person that I've been able to communicate with over the years is a fellow named Tom Van Flandern.  He and I agree on several items, including the unlikely-hood that the single big bang model is possible, the limited speed of gravity, the limited influence of gravitational bodies and other items.  Since he has alternate models to those currently accepted by science, he is ostracized, just as I am.  He has done work on the intelligent life of Mars and has attended the last two news conferences as a reporter asking questions. 
Tom asked why we don't see carbonates on Mars, since they are plentiful on Earth, but appear to be scarce on Mars.  The answer seems to be that Mars may be very acidic, and thus hasn't presented the right chemistry to make carbonates. 
If this is true, then the glassies might be acidic loving creatures.  Do you know if Lyme disease makes the body acidic?  Peter suggested to me that people could rid themselves of these creatures by placing vinegar in your house.  If these are acidic loving creatures, then that would make sense, as they might be drawn to the acid.  The way to rid yourself of them may be to reduce the level of pH in your system.
I plan to test the "soil" from the Frass Meteorite in the next few days to determine if it is acidic.
I don't know if any of this is true, but it seems to make sense and anything we can do to help relieve the problems should be appreciated.  You might want to send this out to your e-mail list and see if anyone else has any comments on this suggestion.  Also, I'll post it on my site today and post it on the Morgellons page.
Your friend,

2/28/4  A letter to the Morgellons people:

Dear Sir or Madam:
I can't remember if I included you in my mail out a few days ago.  The Morgellons fibers have been found on Mars, just as I predicted several years ago.  I think the evidence is accumulating that this is an extraterrestrial disease, since it is much easier for these organisms to move from Mars to Earth than from Earth to Mars.  This is one reason it has been so hard to diagnose.
Here is a link to a picture from the Mars rover and some fibers that I have been growing in a Petri dish since 1996.
Of course, you are not used to seeing them laying in the Martian dirt, as I am.  I have observed these creatures on hundreds of occasions and the photos taken on Mars remind me very much of what I have seen.
I have called these creatures Glassy Martian Rock Fungus, because they seem to be made of glass (you are correct about the colors), they seem to exist off the rocks themselves (see the picture on Mars) and they have the distinctly fungus-like shapes and growth.
I will make samples available to any of your scientists that would compare it with the one's donated by Morgellons patients.
The fact that these "infestations" are localized, could well be because of Martian meteorite landings in those specific areas.
I will continue to make space available on my web site for anyone that wants to make observations or comments on Morgellons.
Your friend,


Man's Inhumanity to Man

Lizard lady of Akron stumped doctors
Sometime the truth is stranger than fiction.  See the entries on Morgellons on this page for more strangeness.  Also see the next article.

Seed-like things found in my environment

New case of Morgellons disease. 
Is this a method of communication between worlds or species?  Do you want to post your story or pictures about Morgellons disease on this site?  Does anyone care about the life of Mars?

Mars Will Not Kill You
Mars probably can't hurt you, yet if you look tonight and see Mars, then energy from the planet is entering your eyes and becoming part of your being.  My work on gravity shows that there would be direct connections of gravity with the red planet while you are watching it.  See for more information.  Also, if the glassies are from Mars and they have made their way to Earth and if they are responsible for Morgellon's disease, then maybe Mars can hurt you.

Chemtrails - Bio-Active Crystalline Cationic Polymers

How To See Mystery Chemtrail Aerosol Filaments
I don't know if these are the same "creatures" that I've identified in the Frass Meteorite.  I've predicted that they evolved on Mars and can exist without liquid water or light.  I think they "travel" on Mars by using the Martian winds and that they've probably been on Earth for many years.  It would not be too far a stretch to imagine they also use the air currents of Earth to move about, looking for a niche in which to grow. 

See and Glassy Martian Rock Fungus and  for more information.

Historical Information

Attend Morgfest